I have a set of maps in few formats :

  • TIN
├── [4.0K]  info
│   └── [2.6K]  arc.dir
├── [ 708]  log
├── [374K]  M-33-45-D-d-4.asc
└── [4.0K]  m-33-45-d-d-4tin
    ├── [  96]  tdenv.adf
    ├── [1.1M]  tedg.adf
    ├── [ 332]  thul.adf
    ├── [8.2K]  tmsk.adf
    ├── [ 116]  tmsx.adf
    ├── [1.1M]  tnod.adf
    ├── [751K]  tnxy.adf
    └── [188K]  tnz.adf
├── [ 12K]  M-33-45-D-d-4_c.asc
├── [ 12K]  M-33-45-D-d-4_j.asc
├── [ 365]  M-33-45-D-d-4_k.asc
├── [1.6K]  M-33-45-D-d-4_o.asc
├── [518K]  M-33-45-D-d-4_p.asc
├── [114K]  M-33-45-D-d-4_pz.asc
├── [109K]  M-33-45-D-d-4_s.asc
├── [164K]  M-33-45-D-d-4_sz.asc
└── [317K]  M-33-45-D-d-4_z.asc
  • TTN
└── [3.2M]  M-33-45-D-d-4.ttn

I would like to somehow interpret those maps (preferably TIN) for my visualization application but I am quite confused where to start.

I know about GDAL library but I am not able to use it on those files to convert them to anything else.

Can anyone point me the direction how can I read those .adf files?

  • For the first format 'TIN' that is an ArcInfo Workstation TIN format - do you have access to ArcGIS? – Mapperz Jul 29 '14 at 14:17
  • I don't have the access to ArcGIS but as I can see on the website they offer 30 day trial so it's ok. Why would you ask? – Patryk Jul 30 '14 at 8:52
  • Well it is native to ArcGIS not much else will read that TIN format. – Mapperz Jul 30 '14 at 13:38

Have a look at VTBuilder, found here: http://vterrain.org/Doc/VTBuilder/overview.html One of the supported formats is now ESRI ADF.

  • That's really good to know. I don't know many ways to read an Esri TIN (it's a proprietary format and not published); it is very old though, the structure dates back to ArcInfo coverages perahps Esri has published it at some stage. GDAL wouldn't be much good here either as TIN is neither raster nor vector. Does it rasterize the tin or display it as facets. – Michael Stimson Aug 31 '15 at 4:51

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