If I do calculations on rasters with the raster calculator or other tools, the resulting rasters displayed in my canvas are always in the same default style (singleband gray, black to white...) so that I have to change it afterwards to my preferred style. Being able to change that default raster style to my own choice would save me a lot of clicks.


Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:/Users/Gumbo/.qgis2/python/plugins\multiqml\multiqml.py", line 98, in on_pbnApplyStyle_clicked self.myPluginMessage( QCoreApplication.translate("MultiQmlDlg", "Unable to apply vector qml style \"%1\" to raster layer \"%2\".")\ AttributeError: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'arg'

  • Why not save the style file with your preferred settings and load it when creating other rasters?
    – Joseph
    Commented Jul 31, 2014 at 10:43
  • Sounds good, but could you be a little more specific? What is the style file / Where can I find it? And how to load it when using the raster calculator to create a new raster?
    – Gumbo
    Commented Jul 31, 2014 at 11:30
  • 1
    Huh, it seems like it may be a bug. I tried going into Layer Properties > Save Style... and loading it again but still get the default. Have you tried downloading the multiQML plugin and applying the style through that?
    – Joseph
    Commented Jul 31, 2014 at 11:49
  • Ah ok now I see what the Style file is. That is maybe a little quicker but I still have to go into the Properties and then browse to the file. MultiQML seems interesting but I get an error whenever I load a Style file, which I copied into the initial post. It says it can't apply vector style file to a raster layer, but I saved the style file directly from the properties tab of a raster layer...
    – Gumbo
    Commented Jul 31, 2014 at 13:20
  • 1
    Just to finish this, I didn't get multiQML to work, but I found that you can also just right click on raster layers, copy style, right click the next layer and paste style
    – Gumbo
    Commented Aug 5, 2014 at 10:19


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