I have a set of 100 data driven pages showing different roads. I would like to export the map book by road. E.g. one road will be one pdf, another road will be exported to another pdf.

The issue I have is with the page numbering. I have set each page to have a dynamic page number with count. At the moment, when I export Road A, the page numbers show 'Page 1 of 100', 'Page 2 of 100' etc.

I want Road A to have 'Page 1 of 5', 'Page 2 of 5', etc. then Road B will have 'Page 1 of 2', 'Page 2 of 2'.

I can't seem to work out how to do this, I'm sure I have done it before, but my terrible memory has failed me!


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Similar to an earlier question (Controlling page count increment of Data Driven Pages using ArcPy?).

There's a way you can work around dynamic page numbers.

First of all, in your page number field make sure all of your pagenumbers are how you want them (ex. Road A only goes up to 5, road B starts at 1)

Add dynamic text from the data driven pages toolbar >> Page Text >> Data Driven Page Attribute. Choose the PageNumber attribute. Double click on the text. And change it to something like this:

Page <dyn type="page" property="attribute" field="PageNumber" domainlookup="true"/> of 5

This will output Page # of 5 or whatever number you specify at the end. For Road B do the same but change the 5 to a 2

Also some additional reading on dynamic text


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