I'd like to build some functionality (search, sliders, etc.) in a 3rd party javascript library (jquery mobile), and integrate it with CartoDB.

Can this be done? Are there any examples available or a cookbook decribing how to do the integration ?

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Yes this is possible, but only if you roll your own application using the SQL API, Cartodb.js library.

Also, Cartodb use jQuery under the hood already, as well as Backbone, underscore.js and a few others. In this tutorial they demo using jQuery in a small cartodb app.

Unless you switch it to google maps, Cartodb uses Leaflet underneath as the map rendering library, and Leaflet has many plugins that add additional features.

Once you're in your browser app, Cartodb.js is essentially a thin wrapper over Leaflet, so most tutorials or documentation relating to Leaflet will apply to Cartodb.js as well.

Here are a few things to read that I found searching for Leaflet + Jquery Mobile, they would be good starting points:

  • Casey-Very helpful, thank you much! Are extending Leaflet with plugins and/or using JQuery mobile straightforward (for an experienced javascript developer), or is this something for which CartoDB would have to provide instructions and/or access? Commented Aug 1, 2014 at 19:08
  • It's easy. For example, I'm using the Leaflet Pan Control plugin in my little project see index.html and map.js github.com/Ramblurr/travel-map (Also please mark the question as answered if you feel it has been :D)
    – Casey
    Commented Aug 4, 2014 at 10:56

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