The arcpy MakeGraph_management tool suggests that a graph is stored via an in_memory representation that can be either:

  1. added to the host app or
  2. saved using SaveGraph_management.

The graph appears to be stored in a manner similar to an in_memory layer, e.g. in_memory/<name>.grf.

In the case of an in_memory layer, it is possible to add the layer to the map (ToC). I can not find documentation describing how to programmatically add the .grf (an instance of the arcpy.Graph() class) to the map. I am interested in having the graph remain interactive - so I am not using arcpy.mapping to add the graph to a map element.

Does anyone have documentation that describes how to render the graph generated by MakeGraph?


As commented by @user681:

you can't, there is no ability, use matplotlib particularly if you want dynamic graphs

Alternatively, you could investigate ArcGIS Pro and/or submit an ArcGIS Idea to get ArcPy enhanced.

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