I'm using a self-hosted install of CartoDB. When I try to publish a visualization using the sample Europe data the visualization page references /api/v1/map which results in a routing error.

ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [GET] "/api/v1/map"):

I'm serving CartoDB with Apache/Passenger, and all of the other endpoints seem to be working.

I have a ProxyPass setting in Apache to proxy /api/v1/sql requests to the CartoDB SQL API service, but /api/v1/map (and other /api/v1 requests) are passed through to CartoDB itself.

I'm not sure what other info would be useful. Please let me know and I'll provide it.

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You're getting that error because that route (/api/v1/map and everything under it) has to be routed to the tiler application (Windshaft-cartodb) instead of Rails.

Note that if you've got an outdated version of the tiler, it might not have the /api/v1/map route yet. If that happens, you can either

  • upgrade Windshaft-cartodb (I think it is mostly compatible with old versions of the Rails app)
  • or rewrite /api/v1/map to /tiles/layergroup on the tiler (you will be missing newer API features, but IIRC those are only used by newer Rails versions).

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