Currently I am working with QGIS and fetching data from SQL server and export it in the format of shapefile in QGIS. While importing the data from sql server attribute table showing data with geography having decimal value.

enter image description here

But after exporting in the format of shapefile data in the attribute table not showing the decimal value. enter image description here

according to article as follows

decimal degree data erase itself between edit session in qgis

in the description they mentioned to add new column and make decimal places precision as 5 or more than that, but attribute table showing for data imported from sql doesn't have option to make decimal places and add the precision as 5 or more than that. If we check this option in the attribute table of shapefile we can found that. But it not open properly. It got crashed while editing the column. Another question in front of me is how to copy all huge data to new column?

enter image description here

Attribute editing for sql data table

I wanted to know:

  1. How data got automatically converted in to integer type after exporting it from database

  2. Does any new way to add decimal precision for adding new column in sql database imported attribute table and copy all data in the form of decimal places?

  3. Does any tools, plug in to convert data type from float to float or any mapping type option for data type available?

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