I am using GetFeatureInfo with WMS layer to get the data behind. The request returns data only after zoom level 10 before that it returns empty features.

Does anyone having same issue?

I think it is not calculating correct X & Y until zoom level 10. If I look same on the OpenLayers demo viewer which comes with GeoServer it gives correct result.

Environment: -Leaflet 0.7.2 with GeoServer 2.5.1 serving WMS

Request sent on zoom level 9:


Request sent on zoom level 10:


Result on zoom level 10: enter image description here

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Solved this by using calculated X & Y instead of using generated from leaflet provided function layerPointToContainerPoint

Giving Wrong X & Y

var X =map.layerPointToContainerPoint(e.layerPoint).x.toFixed(0);
var Y = map.layerPointToContainerPoint(e.layerPoint).y.toFixed(0);

Correct X & Y from calculation

    var bds = map.getBounds();
    var sz = map.getSize();
    var w = bds.getNorthEast().lng - bds.getSouthWest().lng;
    var h = bds.getNorthEast().lat - bds.getSouthWest().lat;
    var X2= (((e.latlng.lng - bds.getSouthWest().lng) / w) * sz.x).toFixed(0);
    var Y2 = (((bds.getNorthEast().lat - e.latlng.lat) / h) * sz.y).toFixed(0);
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