Is there a way to resume a Tilemill export (MBTiles) after it has crashed?

Today I just got the following crash:

 FATAL ERROR: Evacuation Allocation failed - process out of memory

This was just a little sample export, but I will need to make a pretty huge export (size of Europe with Zoom Level from 0 - 18) and if that would happen inbetween this export I'd like to know that I don't loose everything, but just a little part and that Tilemill will continue afterwards...

Is there a button for resuming that I am missing? Or what would be the most reliable solution for this process?


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Long Story Short:

You are screwed with the out of memory issue. A memory failure is really hard for an application to safely recover from.

Edit --job=[file] Store state in this file. If it exists, that job will be resumed. (Default: false) TileMill Command Line options may provide what you are looking for. I provided this link in your other question on failed tiles.

Long Story Long:

  • Try looking at your project's Export -> View Exports page. That is the only place to try and resume your export that I can think of.

  • You could look at your tilemill.log for any more clues as to why your process failed other than the memory issue failure.

  • Bad spatial data could cause the render process to fail.

  • Make sure that you have your data properly indexed.

  • You will want to try the render with TileMill as the only process running on the computer.

  • Wrench/configure your project settings. Try just 1 zoom level. Also look at the MetaTile setting and try more or less.

  • Add more memory or install TileMill and all your project and work files on a solid state drive.

  • Hey Greg, Thanks for your help! I already fixed the out of memory problem I think. Anyway... if we'll export all of europe, and for any reason the export will fail/crash/whatever in the middle, will we be able to resume it? And, there is a -failed file after each export... is there any option to generate only those failed tiles?
    – Georg
    Commented Aug 18, 2014 at 6:18

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