I have arcgis 10.0 and have created a 1:m relationship in a File GDB. The 1:m relationship joins a table containing a URL to a point geometry. Some points have more than one file hence the 1:m join. After successfully creating the relationship, I wanted to use the field in the table to open the Image. It seems however, that ArcGIS stand-alone tables cannot use hyperlinks.

Is there a workaround to this or can ArcGIS not use hyperlinks in stand-alone tables?


You can't use the Hyperlink tool with a field in a stand alone table, but once you create the relationship between the table and your feature class the results of the Identify tool will recognize link like text in the fields of your related table(s), they just have to be properly formatted.

I have just this same issue and it works for me with a field populated by paths to PDF files, Identify recognized it as a "hyperlinkable" field even though the text was not a UNC path, it was Z:\path\file.pdf.


You use the Identify tool to see the 1:M relationship and then you can use the hyperlink.

1:M relationship and hyperlinking

In this example I have a point dataset called testp which has a relationship with a table called ttp and in this standalone table is a field called HYPERLINK.

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