I am using Reclass within a Code Block in Field Calculator in a Model to calculate field values for a variable based on several other fields.

Using reclass is much quicker than select and then using Calculate Field.

The example below works fine.

enter image description here

This is a simple example of the way i am using this. The typical use references many more fields.

My question is this.

Instead of a hard coded and fixed value i wish to use a user generated Parameter.Therefore I set a new variable named "Buildx", set this as a Parameter. Then i replaced the value of "30" in the code block with %Buildx%. This should work as in line variable substitution, however i get the 99999 error code.

enter image description here

I tried setting the standalone variable Parameter as either Any Value or as a Long Integer, but neither worked.

Error message below - the standalone variable has been coded as 30, so it appears as 30 in the error message, but results in an error.

enter image description here


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It's Python code but your Expression Type in the second screenshot is VB ;)


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