Has anyone been able to get TileMill's reference layer plugin to work w/ a TileJSON definition?

In its description, it says it can work either with a mapbox map id or a tileJSON url. I've tried it out successfully with map ids, but when I give it a url to my tileJSON here, nothing loads and the console outputs:

[tilemill] Client Error: Script error. [tilemill] at :0 [tilemill] Client Error: TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'a.tiles') [tilemill] at

Anyone had any luck with this?

Update: the tileJSON file must be hosted on a server that supports CORS. That solved one problem, but still doesn't work w/ the plugin (same error output).


It would be great if you could just add these tileJSON files anywhere like your dropbox account. The TileMill extension expects a service to provide the file to the extension. As noted at the bottom of the link you provided, "If you have a custom tileset available elsewhere, you'll need a TileJSON service to describe this map. You can use the URL of this service for the Reference Layer field." The MapBox id appears to be a shortcut to their TileJSon service.

  • Well that will do it. Guess we'll be looking into setting up our own service. @Greg thanks for the help. – James Conkling Aug 12 '14 at 16:23

Try it in Firefox browser. On my end, apps that use a .json file are working fine in firefox while not working in Chrome.

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