I have a Raster Catalog containing 4 File GeoDatabase Raster Datasets.

Each raster is about 150-250 GB. I want to convert these to rasters with .TIFF extension so I can publish it in a map service.

The .gdb however, that contains the rasters, are strangely enough around 65 MB.

How can this be? I have tried using Copy Raster tool, and also exported directly from TOC. Both of these are taking ages to even get started.


The different methods of storing rasters in ArcMap are a little confusing. If you have a Raster Catalog, the actual raster data may be stored in a different folder, not directly in the geodatabase.

Raster datasets can be managed within or as links on file system

Given the very different file sizes in this case, this "link" storage is more likely.

More related to your end goal: I am not aware of any reason raster catalog contents can't be copied or exported. Since they're quite large, however, it will take a long time to complete... I usually just let jobs like that run overnight.

Additional note: You might be able to use the Copy tool as well (this Answer indicates it's faster than Copy Raster) but I have not used it, and don't know whether it will work with a raster catalog that is linking to data.

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