According the ArcGIS 10.2.2 help this should work:

inZoneData = sys.argv[1] # This is a shapefile
fieldList = arcpy.ListFields(inZoneData) 
    for field in fieldList:
        if field.name.upper() == 'STATUS':  # rename status
            arcpy.AlterField_management(inZoneData, field, 'status')

but it does not. What I get is invalid parameter. If I try this:

for field in arcpy.ListFields(inZoneData):
    if field.name() == 'STATUS':  # rename status
        arcpy.AlterField_management(inZoneData, 'STATUS', 'status')

I get invalid unicode error. I understand that error at least.

Can anyone shine some light on how AlterField actually works?

I've tried several other things but cannot get this tool working.

Is it a shapefile bug?


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This is not a bug because, as @Paul and @Branco, have said the Alter Field (Data Management) tool documents its scope as (with my bolding):

This tool provides the ability to rename fields or rename field aliases for any geodatabase table or feature class.

If you want to do the same to a shapefile I suggest copying your shapefile into a file geodatabase (or an in_memory workspace) feature class, perform the Alter Field there, and then copy the feature class back to a shapefile.


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