I think the title says it all - is it possible to programmatically copy/paste some text to/from the windows clipboard using MapBasic?

I have found this discussion but it only discusses copying and as it's two years and 1.5 versions ago I'm wondering if there's a better/more native option.

  • What is the text you are trying to copy? For instance is it a attribute of an object or an object from a layout? – James S Jun 14 '11 at 12:58
  • The result of WindowInfo(FrontWindow(), WIN_INFO_CLONEWINDOW). I want to have two instances of MapInfo open and easily copy a layout window between them. – Mr_Chimp Jun 14 '11 at 13:36

To copy the objects from the layout onto the clipboard you can do the following:

dim strLayWinName As String
strLayWinName = WindowInfo(FrontWindow(), 10) ' assuming layout window is front window
Select * From strLayWinNAme
Run Menu Command 203

You will then need to work out how to switch instances of MapInfo (or just open a new one). Then you need to set your layout window as the Front Window. Then run:

Run Menu Command 204

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