I have coordinates in Namibia, but don't know how to convert them to use them in Google Maps.

The system is Lo22/19°.

Then Y: +55 435,89 X: -498 157,28

Can anyone help with a conversion?


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The best tool for coordinate conversion is GDAL's cs2cs. The Lo 22/19 coordinate system is defined by EPSG code 29379, so the command line should be:

cs2cs +init=epsg:29379 +to +init=epsg:4326 namibia_in.txt >>namibia_out.txt

with this input file namibia_in.txt:

55435.89    -498157.28

Note that your coordinates are named Y;X but have to be entered in that order (and not X;Y) to give correct results. That's the oddity of West-South orientated coordinate systems. Your point is 55km west of the 19° East meridian and 498km north of the 22° South parallel.

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