I am running an ArcGIS for Desktop analysis where I am plotting competing hotel facilities and then distributing their beds in a 5-mile buffer around the site.

I would like to distribute the beds such that they are distributed according to where the population resides within that 5-mile radius, as opposed to evenly across the buffer.

That way, when I run an intersect - if the buffers overlap on top of a densely populated area, it will pick up more beds than if the same area overlapped on top of a sparsely populated area.

Any ideas?

  • Do you have population polygons at a reasonably small scale (e.g., census block groups)? – Erica Aug 10 '14 at 0:50
  • 1
    You may want to consider location-allocation analysis for this. Also, I think it would help your question if you were to include a picture of what you are trying to describe. – PolyGeo Aug 10 '14 at 1:16
  • That's a great link @PolyGeo, I've not encountered that one before. When you say site ARM20, are you referring to a work site and not a hotel site in order to ascertain how many hotel beds are available for each work site? – Michael Stimson Aug 10 '14 at 22:40

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