I am trying to create a many to many relationship class in ArcGIS 10.0. When Identifying the features though, I don´t see the associated table values.

Here is the Class schema:

Destination Table name = "TypeDef" ( a table containing a list of Type definitions)

TypeID* | Typ_Name

Origin Table name = "Points" ( A point geometry)

ElementID* | Element_Name

Association Table name ="ElementTypes" (join table with ElementIDs and TypeIDs)

ElementID* | TypeID*

My ManyToMany Relationship class is defined as:

PK: ElementID
FK: ElementID

FK: TypeID

However, when I use the Identify Tool on a point, only the Relationship name is shown and not the attributes. What am I doing wrong?



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Make sure all the Keys have the same data type. One of the keys was a double instead of text....but strangely this wasn´t identified by ArcGIS.

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