I made a map with leaflet by following the official Leaflet tutorial on interactive choropleth maps.

I would like to make the map compatible with smartphones, so I added a click event, which acts like hovering on a feature.

function onEachFeature(feature, layer) {
    mouseover: highlightFeature,
    mouseout: resetHighlight,
    click: highlightFeature

The consequence: When a user is clicking, the hightlightFeatures remain highlighted.

Is there a way to prevent this? In other words: Is there an event on the lines of mouseout, in order to activate resetHighlight by clicking another feature?


The highlightFeature from the choropleth example can be changed to :

function highlightFeature(e) {
    geojson.setStyle(style); // This line will reset the style of all the features.
    var layer = e.target;

        weight: 5,
        color: '#666',
        dashArray: '',
        fillOpacity: 0.7

    if (!L.Browser.ie && !L.Browser.opera && !L.Browser.edge) {

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