I have bore hole point data that has about 5 to 7 types of peat layer and also has several depths. I also have digital elevation data of the area.

I need to interpolate these layers separately, then visualise the layers sequentially in 3d.

Is it possible to to it with ArcGIS?

I want to add a Screen shot that may make my querry more clear: enter image description here

My points include the measurement depth of 4 different quality pit layer. The left image is my data set and right image is what I want from my data. I want to visualize a block diagram of formation of each peat layer. I did not find a clear description or tutorial to make the block diagram in arcscene.:-(


I did this many years ago in England/Ireland using the TIN module of ARC/INFO, so I would be surprised if the 3D Analyst module of ArcGIS for Desktop could not do the same and better.

My recollection is that I just created a TIN surface using the depth values for each of the peat types.

Nowadays I would look into using a terrain dataset, and there are various Display options for a terrain dataset in ArcGIS for Desktop.

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