I'm using machine leaflet route to draw routes I can get the total route miles? How can I do this?

I know the class IRouteSummary, but I am unable to access it. Just wanted an example so that I can access the returns of classes leaflet machine route This is my code:

L.Routing.control ({
waypoints: [
L.latLng (-30.050390, -51.198338) 
L.latLng (-30.024472, -51.219392) 

}) addTo (map).; 

var router = L.Routing.osrm () 
     waypoints = [], 

map.on ('click', function (e) {
     waypoints.push ({latLng: e.latlng}); 
     if (waypoints.length> = 2) {
         router.route (waypoints, function (err, routes) {
             if (line) {
                 map.removeLayer (line); 

             if (err) {
                 alert (err); 
             } Else {
                 line = L.Routing.line (routes [0]) addTo (map).; 

You are already accessing the IRoute object (by routes[0]), so the rest is about getting in touch with IRouteSummary object from which you can get the distance:

alert('Distance: ' + routes[0].summary.totalDistance);
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