I have a table with many points that need to be associated with street segments to calculate an average value. should I do a relationship for all points to a street segment that is closest. I have dealt with several queries but most is for a specific point with coordinates, I do take care for the whole set of points (61000), similar to the "spatial join" for proximity of ArcGIS

Attributes of the streets id integer NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval ('calles_osm_gid_seq' :: regclass), objectid integer,    osm_id numeric,    name character varying (48),    Inventory character varying (16),    type character varying (16),    oneway smallint,    bridge smallint,    maxspeed smallint,    shape_leng numeric,    maxvel integer,    MinSpd smallint,    azimuth numeric,    geom geometry (MultiLineString, 4326),

   Point attributes "Latitude"numeric (50,10),    "Longitude" numeric (50,10),    "Azimuth" integer,    "Speed​​" integer,    "Date" timestamp without time zone,    "Geometry" geometry (Point, 4326),    id_calles integer

Any idea?

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If id_calles is your foregin key to streets table this could be resolution:

update point p
set id_calles = 
  select s.id
  from streets s
  where st_dwithin(s.geom::geography, p.geometry::geography, 500) --in meters
  order by st_distance(s.geom, p.geometry)
  limit 1 

If not please post some comment so I can improve it...

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