I know there is a similar question but I am getting a different error and none of those answers have helped.
I am trying the following query (the GeoJSON itself is from the PostGIS website.

INSERT INTO layer_radar (id, geom)

The error I am receiving is

ERROR:  (null) (at offset 0)

********** Error **********

ERROR: (null) (at offset 0)
SQL state: XX000

Has anyone seen anything like this before? I can't get the simplest example to work.

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I don't think the issue is with the ST_GeomFromGeoJSON call. It's possibly the id field you have OR your table structure. Can you provide your table structure.

SELECT ST_GeomFromGeoJSON('{"type":"Point","coordinates":[-48.23456,20.12345]}');

alone works fine, so doubt that is your issue. If the above query fails, then your postgis install is corrupt in some way. Please provide output of

SELECT postgis_full_version();
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    After checking the documentation and postgis_full_version(), it seems the postgis version from the Ubuntu package manager isn't configured with LIBJSON properly. I'm now trying to compile from source with the proper configuration – Andrew G Aug 13 '14 at 17:21

Sorry I know my response is a little late. I faced a similar problem inserting Point coordinates to postgis but was successful when I replaced the comma in the coordinates with a space; [-48.23456,20.12345] to [-48.23456 20.12345]

INSERT INTO layer_radar (id, geom)
    ST_GeomFromGeoJSON('{"type":"Point","coordinates":[-48.23456 20.12345]}')

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