I use a python module I created that does tests for point in polygon. It uses the python osgei/ogr and osr modules.

Specifically, I use the following elements of these modules:

osr.SpatialReference() (with ImportFromEPSG4326 and InputFromEPSG3857)
ogr.Geometry() (with ogr.wkbLinearRing, ogr.wkbPoint and ogr.wkbPolygon)

The software using these osr/ogr capabilities needs to be translated to be a node.js module.

Is anyone aware of an existing node.js osr/ogr 'wrapper' (or for generic javascript)?

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    The day you see javascript in the gdal/swig directory is when this is possible. Post your interest on the gdal-dev email list. – Mike T Aug 13 '14 at 5:15

There is a node.js module and not just for ogr and osr but for the whole of gdal. You can find the repository here.

  • This is fantastic! – Michael Dec 16 '17 at 13:34

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