My Tilemill exports (MBTiles) tend to fail quite often lately... (Resume Tilemill MBTiles export after crash a bounty is waiting for anybody who helps me there btw ;-) ). We kind of solved the problem (at least a bit) by adding more RAM to our machine...

But still... after an export of a quite small sample area I get the following output:

[3h 57m 23s] Part(1/1) 100.0000% 411.9k/411.9k @ 79/s | 0s left | ✓ 411.6k ■ 39 □ 0 fail 225

So I have 255 failed Tiles. I also have my "log" file cause I started the export adding a --job parameter. In the -failed log file I can see the coordinates of the failed tiles...

Is there a way I can tell Tilemill to redo only those failed tiles?

  • Is there no way to tell Tilemill to do an other export? – Georg Jun 19 '15 at 13:26

You could change your bounding box to the area where the failed tiles are located. Then perform another mini-render. I think you'd have to use a tool like Landez to merge the two mbtile databases. Landez can also render you project's style sheets. That may be another way around your problem.

You might want to look at Tobin Bradley's post on using TileMill at the command prompt. You don't need the design tool up and running to generate the tiles. The design tool provides a wonderful lack of information during the render process.

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  • Don't you know an other way? Do you know what the job-failed file is for? – Georg Jun 19 '15 at 13:27

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