How do I do this?

Columns - Sitecode Acres
271730-001 .75 271730-002 .50

I'm trying to label objects by multiplying the Acres column by "2.5". As an example using first row from above:

????(Acres*2.5, ??) should label as "1.875"

  • Thanks Peter. I was trying waaayyyy too hard on this one. I did not think of the obvious.
    – user35757
    Commented Aug 13, 2014 at 14:43

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In MapInfo Professional you can easily setup a label expression in stead of a fixed column.

Pick the text Expression from the "Label with" dropdown list. In the Expression dialog enter your expressions, in this case:

ACRES * 2.5

enter image description here

Hit OK to the Expression dialog and now you have specified a label expression. If you have turned on Autolabel for the layer you should see the result in the map

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