I have classified Landsat images into five classes - A variety of Palm, Water bodies, built-up/open area, other vegetation and miscellaneous. I used GRASS GIS for the process and the final classified maps use inappropriate colors. Now as I have to assign appropriate colors to these classes I was thinking about existence of internationally accepted standards for such purposes.

As palm which covers only 10% of total area is the class of my interest(shown in yellow in the following screenshot) I want it to be clearly distinguishable in my A4 size paper output. In the most unlikely event of absence of standards proper color suggestions are greatly welcome.

enter image description here

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I'd suggest the standard ndvi color table in GRASS. Right click on the layer and choose SET COLORTABLE.

However your question is a tautology. You have pointed out that you are the only one interested in Palm. A standard colour table would have been designed to make something else the most easily distinguishable feature. In the case of the ndvi color ramp it provides a scale of increasing density of vegetative response, not really providing any classification as such.

The help file for the GRASS color table gives an explanation of each option.

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