I am going to add a wms layer to my existing map.I use this code:

public load_wms(ESRI.ArcGIS.Controls.AxMapControl mapcontrol) { 

               // Create an WMSMapLayer Instance - this will be added to the map later

               IWMSGroupLayer wmsMapLayer = new WMSMapLayerClass();
               // create and configure wms connection name
               // this is used to store the connection properties

               IWMSConnectionName connName = new WMSConnectionNameClass();

                IPropertySet propSet = new PropertySetClass();
                propSet.SetProperty("URL", "");

               // uses the name information to connect to the service
                  IDataLayer dataLayer = (IDataLayer)wmsMapLayer;

               // get service description out of the layer
               // the service description contains inforamtion about the wms categories
               // and layers supported by the service

                IWMSServiceDescription serviceDesc = wmsMapLayer.WMSServiceDescription;
                IWMSLayerDescription groupDesc = serviceDesc.LayerDescription[0];

               // for each wms layer either add the stand-alone layer or
               // group layer to the WMSMapLayer which will be added to ArcMap
                for (int i = 0; i < groupDesc.LayerDescriptionCount - 1; i++)
                    IWMSLayerDescription layerDesc = groupDesc.LayerDescription[i];

                  //  if (layerDesc.Title == WMSLayers.SelectedItem.ToString())//Checking if this is the selected layer
                   // {
                        // Configure the layer before adding it to the map
                        ILayer newLayer;
                        IWMSLayer newWMSLayer = wmsMapLayer.CreateWMSLayer(layerDesc);
                        newLayer = (ILayer)newWMSLayer;
                        wmsMapLayer.InsertLayer(newLayer, 0);
                        // add layer to Map

                        IActiveView activeview=(IActiveView)mapcontrol.ActiveView;

                  //  }


But it does not draw anything I can add it to openlayers but when I add it to ArcMap it does not drow anything..Can you help me fix it I am on arcobjects 10.2.2 and arcmap 10.2.1 also

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