I would like to query if a point is located in the TIN object. My TIN object is closed (convex hull) object (i.e. surface of a round object). I tried to use ST_Within, but the error message returns as:

ERROR: Unknown geometry type: 15 - Tin

My query is as follows:

SELECT ST_Within(mypoint,mytinobject) As mypointinmytinobject
(SELECT ST_GeomFromText('POINT(x,y,z)', SRID) As mypoint,
(SELECT geom FROM mytintable WHERE gid=1) As mytinobject
) As myobjects;

What are the equivalent 3D query functions like ST_Within for 3D TIN object in PostGIS?

It is a complex 3D anatomical region. It is not solid, it is a surface. If it is represented as Polyhedralsurface, how could we query if a point is located inside this closed surface (or a region). Do I need to make it solid body. Could it be done in PostGIS?

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Don't use a TIN for this, use a polyhedral surface, and the ST_3DDistance function to test for containment tests.

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