I'm trying to reproject this dataset from Austria Statistik Geodata.

Data comes in "MGI_Austria_Lambert", and I'm trying to reproject to WGS84

What I'm doing is Saving layer as... and selecting EPSG:4326, but the layer is still in the same place.

The other option i'm trying is changing the original .prj file with other one from a layer in EPSG:4326, but I have the same result.

I don't what can I do to solve it.

I've also tried setting the projection with:Set SRC to layer, and selecting 4326, but no changes.

  • Finally solved it with Kurt's suggestion, that was the same I was doing before, but finally worked. – Pablo Pardo Aug 19 '14 at 20:35

follow the instructions I gave here Reprojecting vector layer in QGIS? and you are done:

before: enter image description here

and after: enter image description here


I tried this out and had no issues... once the data was re-projected and added to the map, I re-set the map to EPSG:3857, added the Google map via OpenLayers, and the re-projected (and projected on the fly) dataset of yours worked just fine:

enter image description here

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