I have a problem with setting up a qgis web client on remote server. I set it up on localhost and it runs smoothly, but when I done exactly the same on remote server it is just not working, even a default maps. Helloworld example is not showing up layers, and my project is working only when i exclude about 20 layers, and by the way all styles are crashed. I could not find an issue, and exacly the same projects and many more runs great on localhost.

It is link to remote server:


I noticed that on localhost server sends POST requests and on remote server it is always a GET request. I think that could be the issue, since request to display all layers in GET method would be too long. But i still couldn't figure out how to enforce POST method.

2nd EDIT:

It is POST on remote server at the end, but it still doesn't work, here is link to the project with more layers:

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  • I watch your project and I can see some layers (i.e. 18 Gazociągi wysokiego ciśnienia) displaying. Do you still have any issues? – Nicolas Boisteault Aug 21 '14 at 7:06
  • When you check only a few layers to display, then they are displayed with wrong styles, and when you add all layers then there is a XML error. – zachbar Aug 21 '14 at 14:01

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