I'm trying to send a JSON file to my Node.js app via Protocol.HTTP. The file is correctly sent, but I can't access to an array. Here is the relevant code :

Client side

    var vectorProtocol = new OpenLayers.Protocol.HTTP({
                    url: '/getcoords',
                    format: vectorFormat,
                    readWithPOST: true,
                    params: {
                        "code_company": "8501",
                        "data_company": [
                                "origin": "2013P00109",
                                "type": "LJ",
                                "naf": "5610A",
                                "origin": "2013P00110",
                                "type": "FJ",
                                "naf": "5481"

Server side, I try to build an array with only the "origin" field of my array "data_company":

function getCoords(params, callback) {
      var arrOrigin = params.data_company.map(function(d) {
         return d.origin;

And I get this error :

TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method "map"

It seems that my "data_company" array is not parsed. Is there a reason for that ? And a workaround ?


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In server side convert json type to array.

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