I am working with open data from the City of Toronto. I am using a base layer of property boundaries which can be found here:


The default projection system I am using is WGS84. However, when I place the map, at any scale, in print composer the scale bar is completely wrong. I would like to find a way to measure distance from lot lines accurately, but need an accurate scale. I have tried changing the CRS settings without luck.

Also, is there a way in QGIS like there is in Autocad where if I know the distance between two points and input that, the scale of the shapefile will adjust to my measurement accordingly?

I am using QGIS 2.2 btw.


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This answer is from an Esri help page, not QGIS, but the principle still holds true:

A scale bar on a map that is set to a Geographic Coordinate System, using units of decimal degrees, only measures distances correctly at the Equator.

To apply a scale bar that measures distances correctly over all areas of the earth's surface, the [map] must be set to a Projected Coordinate System.

Transform the data to a new projection to measure distances or to have a useful scalebar.

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