I’m trying to find information in technical and scientific articles – is it possible to reveal the relief parameters “slope inclination” and “slope exposure” by dint of ASTER GDEM? Or we can define from it the only parameter of relief – the height above sea level? I can’t find any articles that confirm this possibility, nor reject it.

If it’s possible, could you tell me the way to do it or the direction from which I can start searching for this information?

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    You can start by computing the slope inclination and slope direction with gdaldem tool gdal.org/gdaldem.html. Use gdaldem slope and gdaldem aspect – user30184 Aug 23 '14 at 19:03

Thank you! Also I've found these options in ArcGIS 10:

  1. Aspect Tool (Spatial Analyst - Surface) for surface direction

  2. Slope Tool (Spatial Analyst - Surface) - for surface inclination.

For both tools I moved the ASTER GDEM raster from Geographic (lat/lon) original coordinate system to UTM (WGS_1984_UTM) coordinate system. And (in the Slope Tool) assigned Z factor as "1".

Hope I was right.

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