I´m intending to learn scripting with python in QGIS, but I have a couple of questions.

I'm using Python 3.4 for learning which is installed in my laptop, but QGIS is using Python2.7

How could I work with both together? Creating an enter in the PYTHONPATH like C:..........python27 (wherever it is into QGIS directory) and adding a shebang #!.....python27 at the begining of my scripts?

Is there another way to work with both versions ?

I´m using PyQT and the same question again. One designer in python3.4 installed and another one into the QGIS directory.

How do you work?


I ran across this problem and came to a solution. I added a question/answer post to add some insight to this problem: Using PyQGIS, ArcPy, NumPy, SciPy Together in Windows Command Prompt

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