So I've downloaded, setup, and configured the ParksFinder web application from ESRI. It took some tweaking and it's finally up and running. But I am having issues that need to be resolved before this site goes live.

I've reduced the Parks listing down to 5 parks in the database because I thought that might be part of a problem I am having.

Whenever I click on one of the Parks, I get the error message, "Unable to complete operation." The icons for Activities do not show up, the URL for the park is not shrunk down to a "More Info" link, and there is no way to add photos? I'm lost.

When I check Chrome's Javascript Console I get something like this... 0: "Error in querying feature attachments." 1: "Layer or Table with ID: 0 does not support Attachments."

I've checked the LocalGovernment DB and there are a Park__ATTACH and a Park__ATTACHREL tables.


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The problem was with the fact that my Local Government SDE Geodatabase was imported from an XML Workspace. Those *__ATTACH tables were generated from the XML.

I went in, deleted the Park__ATTACH (which auto-deleted the Park_ATTACHREL table) and then went to Catalog > Local Government SDE > ReferenceData > Parks and right clicked 'Create Attachment' which re-generated those __ATTACH tables and voila... it works.

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