I have been tasked with creating an open-source hydrology dataset for a community group. To do this I have exported the flow direction and flow accumulation rasters from ArcMap as TIFF files and then imported them into QGIS. However, a number of the flow accumulation rasters fail to import properly giving values of 0 rather than the range in the original ArcMap raster file. Can anyone help?

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Flow accumulation usually stores very large numbers, because cell value= count of discharging cells. It is unlikely that tif is capable of storing values in this range

  • Thanks for your comment. I agree that they are large files with large numbers. However, one of the flow accumulation rasters loads with no problems (and covers a much larger geographical area) while two smaller ones fail. I've tried exporting from ArcMap in different formats and it still gives errors. Sigh.
    – Wendy
    Aug 28, 2014 at 14:43

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