Im relatively new to QGIS and would like to know whether or not I can save my form annotations to a layer so I can turn them on or off.

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You don't have to save your annotations as a layer. Simply toggle the Text Annotation function in the toolbar and press Ctrl + T to switch it on/off. Your annotations will be saved within your project.

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You can store your annotations in a point layer and label it by [Right click >> Properties]. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Make sure your point feature is not visible. only the label is visible. Right click on layer >>properties>> Style tab. Select Simple marker or simple choose any hollow marker and set Size to 0.00000 as shown in below snap. Click Ok to save the settings.

enter image description here

  • Now again Right click on layer >>properties>> Label. Change the size and type of font and other parameters according to your choice. Click ok to apply if everything is looking good. Again, go to same tab to save the style for future use. Good luck.

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In QGIS >= 3.22 there is the possibility to create an annotation layer. You need to activate Annotations Toolbar in View\Toolbars. You will see something like this:

enter image description here

Use the first button for creating the layer then add the polygons or the text. You can add a general description of the layer in the layer property.

More informations here: https://north-road.com/2021/10/21/introducing-annotation-layers-in-qgis-3-22/

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