The QGIS Intersection tool is not working for two shapefiles in Version 2.2 or 2.4 (haven't tried earlier versions). I get a new shapefile with all the attributes, but no features. However, when I use ArcMap with the two shapefiles, the intersection happens correctly. The shapefiles are both in the same coordinate system. I have used the QGIS tool with success with other shapefiles that I got from a QGIS tutorial.

The shapefiles that I'm using are all from the Data BC website. I've uploaded two samples to http://vulnerablevancouver.ca/qgis_intersection/ if anyone wants to have a look. I put the zip files there that include the metadata.


Instead of Intersect, use Clip.

Vector > Geoprocessing Tools > Clip


Clipped polygon

  • Thanks Joseph. I see also by using the Geometry Validator tool that there are errors in these shapefiles. I will fix. – Jim Aug 28 '14 at 15:07

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