I tried to work on TIMESAT but always facing a problem. Here is the method I have used. Seems correct, but I get a warning at the end.

I have created a NDVI file from ENVI 4.8 >> Transform >> NDVI >> saved Output data type as Floating Point. Next I use Basic Tools >> Stretch Data >> Stretch Type Linear >> Stretch range by value -0.036 to 0.833 which is my NDVI range to Output DATA Range to 0 to 255. and saved the DATA Type as Integer as Timesat requires 8 bit integer(0-255).

I did the same procedure for my 5 NDVI files, except I used a different Stretch range by value X to Y, based on their own range.

Now I try to open them in TIMESAT >> TSM GUI, I created a txt file with the absolute path like these 5:


They belong to 1 year data. Number of Row 1461 Number of Col 2255

Row to process 500 to 500

Column to process 500 to 500

but I get a following warning:

Error while evaluating unicontrol Callback

Could anybody help me out?

  • make sure you are adding the file extension in the .txt file (e.g .img, .rst)
  • make sure your files are in the right format accepted by TIMESAT as suggested in the links below

Getting image data into TIMESAT

TIMESAT - File Formats


Your input data process in Timesat seems to be alright, The error you're getting is mainly due to the number of images/year you have provided (in your case only 1 year).

Try adding up images of 3 years or more

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