I have ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop software.

I am working with a polygon shapefile (having n rows) in ArcMap. The project demands splitting this file into two polygon shapefiles having n1 and n2 rows such that n1+n2=n.

I can filter out the data using a where statement on the attribute table, but the resultant data does not have the field called "Shape", due to which I cannot plot the polygons.

I am new to ArcMap software.


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You have almost the whole process.

After selecting the features you want to have in a separate shapefile (so that they are colored like in the picture), right-click the layer in Table of contents (the list to the left), --> Data --> Export data. Choose where to save the file.

To save the rest to a different shapefile, use the highlighted button (switch selection) and repeat the procedure.

This should give you two new shapefiles that together contain all your data.

enter image description here


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