What I want to do:

  1. In ArcMap, let the user select a point (not a point pre-enter) and enter a range (like a Message BOX can enter range)
  2. the point (pre-enter the data and XY) within range will be selected

The above is in GIS, the following is an SQL(?) problem:

  1. I can get selected point's data (in a database) and make it in a table (for my Kriging)

Is there any function/tool/script in arctoolbox that can do the step 1 and 2?

@ujjwalesri Pre-enter means I have a point.shp and in the shapefile I have enter point's xy that can display in the ArcMap.

The range that I am talking about is User can enter a range (Kilometers) and the point in the shapefile within the range will be selected (maybe use a Msgbox).

It's just like a buffer range.

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    What is a point pre-enter? What range are you talking about? Please clarify in simplest terms for us to be able to help you... – ujjwalesri Jun 20 '11 at 12:16
  • OK...you basically you have a point feature Shapefile and you'd like to select point features from it based upon a range. Now it's much more clear. Just another query, is the range a linear distance or could you make it interactive i.e. user draws a rectangle and selects features within it? – ujjwalesri Jun 21 '11 at 11:50

The Buffer and Select Features tool on the arcscripts web site allows the user to enter a distance value within a form, then Shift/click within the ArcMap view to select all features within the entered distance. The tool draws a buffer graphic and selects the features within the graphic.

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In ArcMap 10 you can use the Select by Circle tool. Activate the tool from the Standard Toolbar using the drop down for Select tools. Click on the point and drag on the map. While dragging, press the R key. In the box that opens, enter the radius. All selectable features within that radius of the point you clicked will be selected.

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