This may have a simple answer that I'm just missing.

I have multiple polygons in one shapefile I would like to make a larger Polygon around all of them.

Is there a tool that is able to do this?

Or even a Polyline would work if that is not possible, I can always do the Feature to Polygon tool after.

The images below better explain what I am looking to do (second is just a quick polygon I drew in a few seconds).

It is in order to show different sales areas for my company.


enter image description here

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    You might want to create the convex hull around the group of polygons. This is a fairly common tool available in GIS. – WhiteboxDev Sep 2 '14 at 19:49

Using Minimum Bounding Geometry with the "Convex Hull" option checked, should yield your results.


While this answer it accepted and has 4 upvotes it is a wrong answer. The correct answer is to use "Concave Hull". See the details from the comments below.

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