I have QGIS installed on my 2011 macbook pro and I recently upgraded my OS to 10.9. After the upgrade, I noticed that QGIS gives me this error (see attachment 1) saying that the plugin is not installed (but it is; the second screenshot shows that it is "local only"). I suppose I can re-install the plugin but I'm hoping that it isn't necessary. Can someone provide some guidance as to how to get the plugin working again? Is it going to require that I completely remove the plugin and re-install?

Attachment 1 showing error message at startup

Attachment 2 showing dialog from plugins menu


As indicated in the error message you have to install 'python-gdal' bindings. Also you may check out similar questions:

  • I ended up re-installing several of the frameworks (newer versions of everything) and got it working. Your links had some good information though. Thanks! Sep 4 '14 at 13:33

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