I am trying to get a simple raster layer to work on MapServer. I am not exactly going to be using geographic data, but I want to "georeference" multiple rasters together to create a map-like interface. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get over this initial step of getting a single raster to show up using my mapfile.


    EXTENT      -180 -90 180 90
    SIZE        400 300
    IMAGECOLOR  255 255 255
    UNITS       DD
    STATUS      ON
    DEBUG       ON

        NAME    "base"
        DATA    "Base.png"
        STATUS  ON
        TYPE    RASTER

My directory structure is like this:





When I visit the map using something like the following link, all i get is a blank image of the correct size but not the actual Base.png image. No pink tiles. No error message. What am I doing wrong?



you are missing the "SHAPEPATH" tag, that actually is needed to tell mapserver where all the data resides.

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