I follow the esri example for validating topology, is it possible to tell whether topology error exists? The code I use:

    ' Step 1 - access a topology
    Dim topoUiD As UID = New UIDClass
    topoUiD.Value = "esriEditorExt.TopologyExtension"
    Dim m_application As IApplication = My.ArcMap.Application
    Dim topologyExt As ITopologyExtension = CType(m_application.FindExtensionByCLSID(topoUiD), ITopologyExtension)  'original code from esri
    Dim topology As ITopology

    topology = CType(topologyExt.CurrentTopology, ITopology)
    MsgBox("successfully access current topology")

    ' Step 2 - Finding topology errors
    Dim geoDS As IGeoDataset = CType(topology, IGeoDataset)
    Dim errorContainer As IErrorFeatureContainer = CType(topology, IErrorFeatureContainer)
    Dim eErrorFeat As IEnumTopologyErrorFeature
    eErrorFeat = errorContainer.ErrorFeaturesByRuleType(geoDS.SpatialReference, esriTopologyRuleType.esriTRTLineCoveredByLineClass, Nothing, True, False)
    Dim topoError As ITopologyErrorFeature

    ' check the eErrorFeat length to determine whether has error
    topoError = eErrorFeat.Next
    MsgBox("check topology errors.")

I am using vs 2012 and arcmap 10.2.

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When this line of code executes:

topoError = eErrorFeat.Next

topoError will get set to Nothing if there are no errors. This would tell you that no errors existed, so you could use logic something like:

If topoError = Nothing Then
    ' No errors, skip processing
    ' At least one error exists do something...
End If
  • Hi Hornbydd, thanks a lot, have already updated my code. But I find a strange thing of my vb.net arcobjects validate topology function. Since it is another question, I will open a new question.
    – ppLily
    Sep 5, 2014 at 1:26

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