I was trying to make a nice looking print map of Bali (Indonesia) in TileMill. After creating a terrain layer (using this walkthrough) I noticed that the island's coastline was precipitous.

precipitous coastline in TileMill, Kuta Beach

Is this caused by GDAL or wrong input data from CIGAR? I believe it can't be fixed within TileMill as the hillshading layer seems also affected.

Edit: With a bit CartoCSS the contour lines can easily be hidden. But not the slope scale image...

faulty slope scale, Southern Bali

TileMill 0.10.1 (v0.10.1-134-g31027ed, Windows) GDAL: OSGeo4W on Win 32bit


The resolution of the base countries layer is too low so the SRTM and the lo-res shapefile from TileMill don't line up.

Use a higher resolution shorelines file for higher zooms.

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  • Can you expand your answer to include what that means and how to do it? – Brad Nesom Sep 15 '15 at 20:00

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