Where can I find a shapefile of Central America + Mexico (WSG84) (with no administrative boundaries) at a low resolution?

I'm looking for a very simple shapefile without the small islands and smoothed out coastlines.

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There are three common methods to get shapefiles of your region of interest.

  1. Natural Earth. Select the areas of interest > export to new shapefile > dissolve
  2. Natural Earth Coastlines
  3. Global ADMN. Merge the countries of interest > Dissolve

Frequently updated OpenStreetMap data licensed under OdbL might be an option for you. They can be downloaded from http://openstreetmapdata.com/data/coastlines in WGS84


Here you can find coastline data at different resolutions and quality stages: A Global Self-consistent, Hierarchical, High-resolution Geography Database.


This is a link to the North American political boundaries. You can dissolve the entire layer to make it on multi-part polygon.

Updated link - 2021-02


You will find Mexican shapefile free to download at Effortless Online GIS Mapping - Mexico shapefile. You can also convert this shapefile in KML or CSV

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