I'd like to show the user the current map scale. I update the current map scale in a textblock everytime the map size/scale has changed. This is my code, to show the map scale (in C#):

private void Map_SizeChanged(object sender, SizeChangedEventArgs e){
    MapScaleTextBlock.Text = String.Format("Scale {0:N}", Map.Scale); //Note: It has to be formatted

and here is the xaml code:

<TextBlock Name="MapScaleTextBlock"></TextBlock>

The output is always this:

Scale n. def.

Whats wrong? I searched already but I found nothing helpful.

I'm using ESRI API for WPF and C# in Visual Studio 2010.

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Have done it myself

It's not defined, because the method Map_SizeChanged(...) is not called in the initialization, it's called later. Got to put it somewhere else


Got to put it in here:

<esri:Map x:Name ="Map" ExtentChanged="Map_ExtentChanged" ... > ... </esri:Map>

and call it like this:

private void Map_ExtentChanged(object sender, ExtentEventArgs e){
    bool mustZoomToFullExtent = (e.NewExtent.Width > fullMapExtent.Width) || (e.NewExtent.Height > fullMapExtent.Height);
    if (mustZoomToFullExtent)

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