I have a raster map without hillshades and want to add Hillshades derived from the SRTM90 dataset. I am looking for a tool, that can handle that as automatic as possible? I don't want to bother with too much with Data-Download, -Conversion and -Processing. I am looking for a tool, that can be handled by an end-user!

  • What software and version are you using? ArcGIS 10.2, QGIS, etc. – recurvata Dec 8 '14 at 12:36

for automatisation of process I am not sure, but here you can find something about utilisation and combination of DEM and classified raster to obtain nice map: Using Hillshade option in ArcMap?.

Breefly, to add hillshades on your raster, you need to display:

  1. your raster (n°1)
  2. DEM raster (display as bilinear interpolation)

and then set your raster transparency (raster n1°) in Layer properties on 85% (or your value)enter image description here

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